Simon Turner (UK Records, 1973)

**catalog number of UKAL 1003 (UK Records, 1973)**
1. Wild thing *
2. 17 *
3. She's a Lady
4. Look at me Girl
5. Since I don't have you
6. Love around*
1. The prettiest Star*
2. Do you know what I mean?
3. Sign on the Dotted Line
4. Sit down I think I love you*
5. Shoeshine Boy*
6. A Long Time Ago
*These tracks available on the Simon Turner versus The King of Luxembourg cd "Sex Appeal."

SFT says of this album:
From the Record Collector Price Guide (97/98):
They're valued at -the album is listed for £12, or about $20 whilst the singles all have a £4 ($6.50) list price.


From Ian McLachlan's collection:

Simon singles: The following were all released on UK Records.

1. Baby (I gotta Go) / Love Around. (UK34)

2. Baby (I gotta Go) / I Wanna Love My Life Away (UK37)

3. California Revisted / Simon Talk (UK52)

4. She was just a young girl / (No Way) I'll Take your Hand (UK60) (*)

5. Sex Appeal / Little Lady (*) (UK74)

(*) Simon wrote these tracks.


In the April 1998 issue (#224) of the UK magazine "Record Collector," which deals with records and pop memoribilia, Simon Turner received 2 mentions in an article on music of 1973:

Simon Turner "Baby (I Gotta Go)/I Wanna Love My Life Away" (UK 37) Current mint value: 4 pounds
Simon Turner "Simon Turner" (UK UKAL 1003) Current mint value: 12 pounds



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