Silence: A Quiet Manifestation of the Future

All information and the real audio clip come from Yoshio Ojima's Home Page for the "Silence" compact disc.
NEWSIC (Produced by Spiral)

Copyright(c)1993 WACOAL ART CENTER

RA Icon Track.12 "postscript"
john,m.d.,simon fisher turner + derek jarman,holger czukay,david cunningham,jan steele,paul bley
john cage by masumi nagasawa,satsuki shibano,tamami tono,polkahappiness
Ryoji Ikeda(Producer),Yoshio Ojima(General producer)



01. preamble - ryoji ikeda
02. earth - holger czukay
03. golden - simon fisher turner + derek jarman
04. the listening room - david cunningham
05. scarabee - polkahappiness
06. cyclone meditation - john,m.d.
07. mobius link 1.1 - tamami tono
08. fauves - paul bley
09. temporary farewell - jan steele
10. in a landscape - john cage by masumi nagasawa
11. empreinte - satsuki shibano
12. postscript - yoshio ojima

TotalTime 72min.

Produced by Ryoji Ikeda

Co-produced by Michiko Takeda

General producer: Yoshio Ojima

Painting & photographs : Takahiro Tanaka

Mastered by Naoto Shibuya (CRESCENTE SOUND) and Kosuke Arisawa (ONKIO HAUS)

Advisor : Masanori Akashi

From Wacoal Art Center;
Executive Producer : Etsuo Oshime
Associate Producer : Nobuhito Kunugi and Yoriko Yamagami

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