Simon Turner: The Actor

Simon John Fisher Turner

Born: November 21, 1954 in St. Margaret's Hospital in Dover, Kent, England, UK

Simon Fisher Turner began his public entertainment career as an actor. He was described as the best young TV actor of his day (mid 1970s). Below is a brief chronicle (though not exhaustive) of that career:


Wish You Were Here (1987)

Directed/Written by David Leland.  It was the very first movie appearance of Emily Lloyd.  SFT plays a bus driver in a very little scene of bus depot at about nearly the end of the film.(It's about 1sec!)

Caravaggio (1986)

--Directed by Derek Jarman. Simon plays a priest named Fra Fillipo.

The Big Sleep (1978)

--Stars: Robert Mitchum, Sarah Miles . Director: Michael Winner. Rating: R Genre: Mystery, Noir, Suspense. Runtime: 100 minutes. Still in-print in the U.S.

--Mitchum plays detective Philip Marlowe in this remake of the Humphrey Bogart screen classic.

--Tagline: Some days business is good - and some days it's murder!

Photo still from the film:

Various UK TV (BBC):

The Silver Sword (22/8/71 - 10/10/71)

--The Silver Sword. (Shown on BBC 1). It was 8 episodes and was a Sunday classic serial. Simon was not in all the episodes. (This exists)

----a classic serial that had already been made in the 50s or 60s. He played Jan a young boy that had a rabbit.

Tom Brown's Schooldays (1971 miniseries)

--Tom Brown's Schooldays BBC- 1. 14/11/71 - 12/12/71. He was in all the episodes. (this exists)

--Appeared as Ned East in Tom Brown's Schooldays. Directed by Gareth Davies. This series starred Anthonly Murphy as Tom and Simon played his best mate. Richard Morant was Flashman, Louise Jameson (Leela/Eastenders) was in it and Gerald Flood was Flashman senior. Tom Brown seemed to be the target of the school bully, Flashman.  Other noteables were Richard Gibson the original Herr Flick and Barry Stokes as Brookie the Head Boy. Barry Stokes had been in Doomwatch and UFO and seemed to end his career in "The Ups and Downs of a Handyman."

The Intruder (6/2/72 - 26/3/72)

--The Intruder. 8 episodes. The titles were - 1. The Stranger. 2. Jane 3. Norma 4. Miss Binns 5. Peter (simon's role) 6. Jane Again 7. Mavis 8. Me. (this exists)

--The Intruder was made by Granada television and starred the late James Bate, Milton Johns and Sheila Ruskin. This was based on John Townsend's book. It was filmed on location and is well regarded by those who remember it.

The Long Chase (25/9/72 - 18/12/72)

--The Long Chase, 13 episodes (This exists)

--Appeared with Jan Francis (filmed in Edinburgh, Scotland). The Long Chase was a 13 part TV serial written by N.J. Crisp who was most famous at that time for writing for Dixon of Dock Green. Simon was partnered by the beautiful Jan Francis fresh from Anne of Green Gables which she had played Kim (Bernard Braden and Barbara Kellys's daughter) Braden's best mate.and before she hit the big time with Just Good Friends and Stay Lucky. It starred Bob Peck, Glyn Houston among others. Simon played John whose father was a policeman and who seemed to have gone over to the wrong side. It was all shot on film and was very expensive. It was shown on Superchannel.

Tom's Midnight Garden (7/1/74 - 21/1/74))

--one episode? (still exists - the black and white); Simon's first Tom's Midnight Garden appears in a schools programme called Merry Go Round

--was also in the revised version of that series in the 70s which was made in colour. It was remade recently by the BBC but he was not in it

Kim and Co. (22/5/75 - 29/7/75)

--His last children's series, the only series that doesn't exist in the BBC archives. Kim and Co was a co-production with Holland. It was also shot on film and was quite expensive. As it was a co-production, it may exist in another company's (not BBC) vaults.

--Episodes: 1. Denmark - the Cipenhagen Code 2. London - the Disco Kid 3. Denmark - Double Cross 4. Great britain - The Sunshine Gang 5. Austria - The Switch 6. Scotland - The Genesis Stones 7. Denmark - Captain Peter 8. London - The Forever Boy 9. Austria - The Puppeteers. 10. Scotland - Holiday Hunt

--(This series is the only one not to exist. But as it was a co-production it is likely to exist in foreign archives as it was made on film)

Wings (2/1/77 to 30/3/78)

--Wings. Series 1. 2/1/77 - 20/3/77 Series 2. 5/1/78 - 30/3/78

--a series about airmen in 1977-8

Lillie (Langtry) (1978 miniseries) ( (24/9/78))

--Lillie (24/9/78) 1. Emillie

--Simon appeared in 1 episode (13 total in series) of Lillie starring Francesca Annis. Directed by John Gorrie and Christopher Hodson. Interestingly enough Lillie was shown on Granda Plus with a rumoured scene where Francesa, Simon and someone else plunged naked into the sea. Strangely enough that scene was not present in the repeats on Granda Plus. It could have been edited out for commercial reasons.

Penmarric (12/10/79) = (28/12/79)

--Penmarric (Exists.) (released on BBC HOME VIDEO)

--brief appearance

Stay With Me Until Morning (28/8/81 = 11/0/81)

--Stay With Me Til Morning 1. Return of the Travelling Man 2. The Pleasures of Love 3. Coming to Arrangements.

--Appeared with Keith Barron and Nanette Newman. He did a singing spot. the Possibly the first time Simon sang on television in a drama.


Lift Off With Ayshea

--appeared as a singer.

Village Hall (correct title?)

--Gabrielle Drake (UFO) played his mother in this play. There were newspaper clippings at the time over this glamorous mother of his. Ms. Drake also ended up in questionable films like....Au Pair Girls before reaching the nadir that was Crossroads!


"Reckless" (1997) (mini) TV Series (second assistant director?)

once wrote a column for a girl's magazine...Jackie

Simon Turner WAS indeed the Green Cross Code Boy. The Green Cross Code Man was Dave Prowse who was the physical body of Darth Vader. There was at least one commercial with Simon in it. He and Dave went to schools to promote it.

Appeared in a Christmas play "special" about a conjuror with Gabrielle Drake.

Simon was a big fan of David Bowie and was friends with his wife at the time, Angela Bowie.

Simon in the early 70s appeared in lots of magazines as a pinup along with people like David Cassidy, David Essex etc.

"Man of Letters" (video):  Simon is also feautured as himself in this video documentary about  Momus. It was filmed by Hannu Puttonen and released by Visionary in 1994.  I think it's out of print now.

Unconfirmed Rumours

Simon Turner did a short film at the cinema at the end of the 1970s (no verfication, Simon was at university at this time?)

The Britt Ekland Affair

In the 1970s, he had an affair with Britt Ekland and sold his steamy story to the London Daily Mirror, Sunday Mirror and News of the World.

A book by Janet Street Porter called "Scandal" deals with this -its probably long out of print now. May check tabloid websites or a Britt website.

The Partridge Family Story

Simon was - at one point - going off to America to star in the Partridge Family as a replacement for David Cassidy. They wanted to keep the sow going after Cassidy's departure but this never actually materialised. He was supposed to be playing an English cousin.

MANY thanks to Ian Mclachlan for his generous time and information.

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