Deux Filles: Double Happiness

Strange, haunting, obscure, sometime experimental, sometimes folky creations from Gemini Forque and Claudine Coule
(well, actually Colin Lloyd Tucker and Simon Fisher Turner).
Deux Filles: Double Happiness (FRA) Papier Mache-ENG/82?, LP only
Track list:
Boy Side
1. Our English Friends
2. Piroette
3. The Third Movement
4. Play Room
5. Starboard She Said
6. Los Estrallas (the stars)
7. Albert the Mud Fish
8. Who art in Heaven
9. Shackleford Breeze
10. 2 Blind 2 See
11. Zazinthar



Black Side

1. Air Tube
2. Little Brown Jig
3. Tongues
4. Shalama
5. The sun on the sea
6. Interlude
7. The snow falls and the village is overflowing with children
8. Double Happiness


Deux Filles are Gemini Forque and Claudine Coulle with contributions from Steven Demura and Brian Neil instruments used ~ Talking cat, Baby sax, insane woman, air tube, cello, Spanish guitar, euphonium, the prophet electrical guitars, tapes, harmoniser, rhodes, assorted percussion, bass guitar, clockwork toys, aural exciter, piano.
Dedicated to the Bilingual and the Ambidexterous Album recorded in Le Harve (France), Quebec (Canada), Cadiz (Portugal), Hom (Syria) and London (England).
Album Engineered by Roberto Paulo, Leseo Sandreo. Sleeve Design by John Maybury, this written by A. Aiez de Artoacoz.
Published by Rouge Music
(thanks to Wayne for all of this information!)

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