Welcome to the home page of Dr. Nicole M. Hughes, Associate Professor of Biology at High Point University in High Point, North Carolina.

My lab studies the effects of environmental stress on plant ecological and physiological processes. Current projects in the lab focus on two major research areas:

- Functional ecology of anthocyanin pigments in leaves

- The effects of clouds on plant physiology and ecology

If you are a HPU studentinterested in working in our lab, please stop by my office (Couch 136) or send me an email. We are always looking for students who have an interest in ecology and plants to join us in the field. More information can also be found by clicking the Research tab above.

Dr. Niky Hughes
Lab News

Summer 2015: Melissa Hernandez-Moreno studying the effects of clouds on diffuse light distribution within conifer crowns

Sept 2015:
Harris Coley presents research at the 2015 International Workshop on Anthocyanins in Montpelier, France

Jan 2015
: Nicole Bayeur studying the effects of clouds on Nothofagus community structure in the Southern Alps, New Zealand