Simple Machines

2nd Grade Science - Simple Machines

What is a Simple Machine? 
A simple machine is a tool that makes work easier.  These machines use energy to work. 
Below are the six basic simple machines we have studied in science.




Inclined Plane






Wheel and Axle






Calling all second graders at Friedberg Elementary School!  We have a HUGE problem that only second graders are qualified to fix.  We desperately need your help!!  Something happened in the middle of the night and all of our simple machines at school completely disappeared!  In second grade we have been studying the six basic simple machines.  It is up to us to remember each of the simple machines and identify examples of each one. We will be working in pairs to complete this webquest.  As we correctly identify pictures of the simple machines they will mysteriously reappear in our classroom and as well as within the entire school. It is crucial that we dig deep into our memories and remember all of the examples that we can remember and then identify them correctly!  Life will certainly be a whole lot easier with those simple machines.  It is up to us, as second graders, to find the simple machines and return them to our classroom and to the school!  The whole school will be thanking us for paying attention in science and being able correctly name the many different simple machines and examples of them.  To make this task easier we can use the internet to help us locate many different examples of simple machines.



* Classroom list of the six simple machines

This website identifies the six simple machines and gives an example for each one.  It also includes a simple machines quiz for students to take if they want to see how much they remember.


This website not only identifies the six simple machines with pictures, but it also gives a short definition that 2nd graders can easily understand.  Under each simple machine there is a link to a page filled with pictures and at the bottom of the page there is list of names that we have to correctly put with each picture.

This is a great website for students to use in identifying simple machines that are in different rooms in our homes. 



The students will use the above websites as resources to help them identify examples of simple machines.  It is completely up to us to find as many different simple machines as we can.  As we find them and say their name they will mysteriously reappear in the school and in our classroom.  Until we label the simple machines properly we will just have to do without it in our school!  So, we definitely want to find and identify as many simple machines as possible!! 

Below is a rubric of expectations for the students.  The students will be assessed as they correctly identify examples of each simple machine.  In addition, the students will also be assessed in how they use the resources available to them. 

     Rubric for Simple Machine Webquest

3 or More Websites visited; Identifies 12 examples of Simple Machines
     Superior Job

2 Websites visited; Identifies 8 examples of Simple Machines
     Adequate Job

0-1 Website visited; Identifies 4 examples of Simple Machines      Poor Job


Learning Advice:

*Work together and don't be afraid to ask questions!

* Think back to our science lessons on simple machines.  Can you remember the examples that we shared in class? 

* Use the above websites as a resource to identifying the many types of simple machines.  Do not try to do it all on
   your own without these aids!

* Use these websites as starting points.  Do not limit yourself to using only these websites.


Thanks to you, second graders, we have our simple machines back!  I don't know what we would have done without you since the task clearly said that only second graders could bring back the simple machines to Friedberg Elementary School.  Congratulations on fixing our school-wide prblem with ease and speed!  You have each done an excellent job!