Dr. Peng Deng, Professor of History

Telephone: 336-841-9117
Office: David Hayworth Hall 131
Email: pdeng@highpoint.edu

With old neighbors in the Daba Mountains
in Southwest China

Professor Deng was born in Chongqing and spent the first sixteen years of his life in the largest city in southwest China. For the next fourteen years, he lived in the Daba Mountains, which sit on the northeastern border of Sichuan province. After working first on a farm and then in an iron plant, Dr. Deng went to college in 1978. He received his master's degree in Western literature from Sichuan University in 1983. 

Dr. Deng came to the United States in 1985 and obtained his doctorate in American Studies from Washington State University in 1990. Having started his teaching career in the 1970s, he has taught at several different schools: Sichuan International Studies University, Washington State University, and High Point University

Participating in a meeting of UNESCO 

Dr. Deng has published extensively in Chinese and English. His three books in English are China's Crisis and Revolution through American Lenses, 1944-1949, China since the Cultural Revolution (with Chen Jie), and Private Education in Modern China. He has translated/written five additional books in Chinese: Dandai meixue (Contemporary esthetics), Mohu de qizhong leixing (Seven types of ambiguity), Fei Zhengqing pingzhuan (A critical biography of John K. Fairbank), Meiguo waijiao yu meizhong guanxi (American foreign policy and US-China relations), and Wenming yu baoli (Civilized society and violence). He is the organizer and editor of four series of books: Toushi meiguo shuxi (American studies series, eight titles), Jinguan meiguo congshu (Close scrutiny of America, five titles), Ertong zhexue congshu (Philosophy for children series, fourteen titles), and Hunxi bashan (Memoirs of the rusticated Chongqing youth in Daba Mountains, three volumes). Prof. Deng also has contributed articles to several journals, including the Journal of Third World Studies.

Recent Publications & Presentations:

  • “U.S. Foreign Policy in the 1930s,” American in the 1930s, Pasadena, CA: Salem Press, 2010 (Forthcoming).

  • Wusheng de Qunluo [Silent tribe] (A Sequel, 2 vols.). Chongqing: Chongqing Press, 2009.

  • “Chinese Intellectuals’ Ordeal: The Anti-Rightist Campaign of 1957 Revisited,” World History Bulletin, Summer, 2009.

  • “Yongbao shengming de zunyan” [Embrace the Dignity of Life: Introduction to the Sequel to Silent Tribe], Bolan Qunshu [Chinese Book Review Monthly], April, 2009.

Courses Taught by Dr. Deng

HST 1501: Introduction to East Asian Civilization
HST 2511: Chinese History
HST 2521: Japanese History
HST 3218: Asian America
HST 3501: United States and East Asia
HST 3511: Revolutionary China
HST 3521: Rise of Modern Japan


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