Lesson Plans   

  1. The Cat in the Hat (grade level - K-3)
  2. Prior Knowledge: Discuss with students activities that they like to participate in on a rainy day. What types of feelings do they sometimes have on a rainy day?

    Introduce the Story: Introduce title, author and illustrator; Read aloud for enjoyment

    Comprehension: Discuss the feelings expressed by the characters in the story. Do they seem to like the Cat in the Hat's tricks? Ask students to describe how they would have felt.  Discuss what things the Cat in the Hat did in the house that might have made their mom upset. Brainstorm ideas for what the characters in the story should have done when the Cat in the Hat entered their home without permission and how the children could have made the Cat in the Hat leave. (This is a good opportunity to discuss safety rules for when you are home alone.) Ask students if they think the boy and girl told their mother about the Cat in the Hat and to explain their answer.


  3. Daisy Head Maisy

    Grade Level: Pre-3 Subject/Unit/Theme: Art (Daisy Head-Bands)



    Academic Essential Learnings:

    Library Essential Learnings:


    Extended Activities:


    Lesson Designer: Vickie Leaf

    E-mail Address: vleaf@mx.auburn.wednet.edu



  4. Green Eggs and Ham                                  






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