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These are various projects that I am contributing to. In all cases, I'm privileged to work with others, and generally, my part is a small piece.

Matter & Interactions

3-D optics simulations. (zip)

Multimedia-Focused Kinematics Questions
NSF DUE-9952323 (a CCLI EMD Proof-of-Concept grant)
(3/1/00 - 3/31/03)

Animated Test of Motion (student version, faculty version with answer key, information, readme)

Assessment Analysis
CGI script to help teacthers analyze pre and post tests, calculate correlations, and perform factor analysis.

A web-based homework system.

Physics Playground
Greensboro Children's Museum
(8/1/01 - 5/31/02)


Physlet Physics
Wolfgang Christian and Mario Belloni of Davidson College

Physlet Library

Physlets Book
Wolfgang Christian and Mario Belloni of Davidson College

Physlets CD and problem archive

Physlet-L listserv




Dr. Aaron Titus | High Point University | titus@mailaps.org